Blippit App Maker Tips

Looking for your app?

If you can’t find your app on Planet Blippit here’s maybe why

  • you’re possibly using the FREE version of Blippit where apps are not shown on Planet Blippit.
  • your school may not publish apps to Planet Blippit, but, you will get a QR Code that can be saved and/or scanned to get your app.
  • your teacher might not have published your app yet, if your school has subscribed
  • look for your app in your Published Apps menu when logged in to Blippit App Maker. Not there? Then ask your teacher


Online Support

There’s a teacher in every school who talks to us at Blippit when support is needed. In a lot of schools, this person is the class teacher, technician or Head of Subject Department but not necessarily ICT.  Design & Technology, MFL & English are also frequent Blippit leads.


Getting apps on to your phone

Each app gets a QR code that you can scan in any number of ways – you don’t even need an app – just tell Siri or Google to scan a QR code!  We also offer free our Blippit Torus app for Android on Google Play & iPhone/iPad on the iOS App Store.


Searching Planet Blippit

Search by

  • school or organisation to see their apps
  • an app author’s name that you follow
  • a topic, like football, for apps on a theme


School Linking

Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History (local/political) & STEM are all perfect for collaborating with other schools on app making projects. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll see how we can help.


Reporting an App

We want everyone using Blippit to be able to enjoy browsing and using the apps shared by students and teachers here on Planet Blippit.  You should never really have to even think about reporting an app because teachers in schools approve every single app.  If you think something has been missed that goes against good common sense or our acceptable use policy do let us know by clicking ‘Report this App’.  We’ll review your comments and advise schools where needed.