Make Apps

Make, share & search Blippit IO appsblippitmobileicononly shadow

It’s now even easier to find your app once it’s published.

  1. Download Blippit Torus, our QR Code Scanner, from the iOS or Android App Stores.
  2. Log in to Blippit Torus with your Blippit username and password
  3. You’ll now be able to see all your apps, your schools apps and even search on topics to see what else people are making
  4. You can use the app to scan, explore and even share to social media apps that you really like


  • Search Planet Blippit¬†here on the website or use Blippit Torus (iOS and Android) for topics and ideas by trying out other people’s apps.
  • Some are very very simple. Some are more adventurous.

Publishing Test Apps

Testing an app is great which is why Blippit comes with it’s own app preview tool.¬† Please use this to see what your app looks like instead of publishing it whilst in test stages so that only apps that are ready feature on Planet Blippit.