Need Help?

Can’t find your app?

If you can’t find your app on Planet Blippit here’s maybe why

  • you may be using the free version of Blippit where apps are not shown on Planet Blippit.  Instead you get a QR Code to access the app from there.
  • your teacher might not have published it yet if your schools has subscribed
  • it normally appears in the Published Apps menu
  • click the preview button to the side of your app’s name.  If subscribed you will go to your app on Planet Blippit.  If using the free version you will see a QR Code that can be saved and/or scanned to get your app.

Online Support

There’s a teacher in every school who talks to us at Blippit when support is needed. In a lot of schools this person is a Head of Subject Department but not necessarily ICT. MFL & English are also two frequent Blippit leads.

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The Blippit Blog

Freshly re-launched in July 2014 the Blippit Blog has a lot of frequently asked questions and hopefully interesting blog posts that will help you get to grips with your App Making.

Getting Apps

Each app gets a QR code.  Get Blippit Torus so you can scan and get your app.  It’s available for Android on Google Play & iPhone/iPad on the iOS App Store

Blippit Torus for AndroidiOS Torus

Shrinking your image file sizes for mobile users is a superb & free tool that shrinks the file size of images you might be thinking of using in your apps.

It shrinks .png & jpegs incredibly quickly so all you have to do is download your image in it’s new lightweight format.

We love and recommend it for anyone who wants to make their images have a tiny file size and so download a lot faster for people using their apps.

Searching Planet Blippit

Search by

  • school or organisation to see their apps
  • an app author’s name that you follow
  • a topic, like football, for apps on a theme

School Linking

Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History (local/political) are all perfect for collaborating with other schools on app making projects. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll see how we can help.

Reporting an App

We want everyone using Blippit to be able to enjoy browsing and using the apps shared by students and teachers here on Planet Blippit.  You should never really have to even think about reporting an app because teachers in schools approve every single app.  If you think something has been missed that goes against good common sense or our acceptable use policy do let us know by clicking ‘Report this App’.  We’ll review your comments and advise schools where needed.