Planet Blippit is open for everyone to visit!

Planet Blippit is where apps created by students using the Blippit IO App Maker come to be shared with the world.  Every school gets it’s own space here on Planet Blippit to publish apps approved by the teachers published.  Teachers decide what gets published, not Blippit, and not every app made appears here – some are published but kept off Planet Blippit by the school’s choice.

Register for a Free School Account

Schools register through a teacher with Blippit before students get their own accounts under the school Blippit umbrella.   Once the school has registered then school is all set to make and publish apps here on Planet Blippit.

Blippit IO

Here at Blippit we’re always improving and adding new things to Blippit IO. Go take a look at the other nice treats in like Blippit Blocks and PureCode Python if you like!